Fall Semester Calendar

IE299/399 – 2020-2021 Fall Semester Calendar Deadline for first round submissions: October 16th, 23:59. Announcement of first round evaluation results: November 6th, 17:30. Second round submission deadline for students who received a “Rewrite”: November 27th, 23:59. Announcement of Final evaluation results: December 18th, 17:30 End of courses: December 27th, 2020.

Reports & Company Evaluation Forms

Dear all, The deadline for uploading your reports to Moodle page is October 16th 23:59. Please note that if you make NO submission in the first round, you will receive “Fail” from the course and you will NOT be able to upload a report in the second round. Check this website regularly for all the Read More…

Format of the acceptance letter from the company

Dear all, Make sure that the acceptance letter provided by the company includes the start date and end date of the summer training. Moreover, it is essential that the letter provided by the company is an official acceptance letter with an official letterhead, signed and stamped by the legally authorized executive of the company.

Updated internship regulations

1) Physical Internships are allowed to be done while attending the Summer School. This requires the internship to cover a wider time frame than its normal duration. At most two summer courses can be taken while doing the internship. However, the students need to be aware of the following: The employer has to accept that Read More…